Dreaming About a New Home?

When looking for a home, new construction is very tempting! The idea of being the first to live in a perfect home. No muddy shoes, no previous stories to learn about, just you, to start a brand new tale.

New homes typically come with a 1-year warranty too. Brand new appliances, heating and air systems, new electrical, sprinkler systems and more.

At Sachs Realty, we believe you need your own buyer's agent from the start!

When you deal with the builder's agent, they'll always have the builders interest in mind. After all, the builder's agent's job is to get the highest price for the home the builder is selling. Don't you want someone to help you negotiate your new home purchase?

Luke Bond is the perfect agent to have negotiate your new home construction. In most situations, the builder will even pay the Buyer's agent's commission. To assure this, make certain you let any builder representative know Luke is representing you. He can then register you as her client.

When buying new construction, here’s what Luke will help you with that you might otherwise miss out on if you stick with the builder’s agent:

Negotiating extras -

Want upgraded counters, appliances, change paint colors, pick cabinet styles and grades, finish the basements in that new home? Luke will help you customize and negotiate the entire process.

Financing -

A builder typically will have a “preferred” lender that will try to steer you to, but Luke can help make sure that you’re getting the mortgage that works best for your situation. He will offer lenders for you to shop, making sure you are getting the best options for your situation.

Final home inspection -

Don't forgo a home inspection despite new construction!  Hiring your own home inspector will help alleviate the new-home defects you could be stuck with later.

Cameron 'Luke' Bond
Cameron 'Luke' Bond
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